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We did some extensive interior restoration on this classic muscle car. The paint and body were in OK shape, it ran well, and is a pretty cool, rare car. And the car had been in the family for a long time.

Unfortunately, it had been stored in a way that mice found very attractive. Generations of them! Maybe it was the bag of Twinkies someone left in the car, who knows. But the car was next to ruined by the years of mouse stink that had built up. When the car was here, you could tell. So we got to work really fast!!

First thing to do was remove the interior on this classic muscle car, and get rid of everything that was moused. Then we put some bombs in the car that are used in the household restoration business, used primarily for water damage de-stinking, and lit 'em off. Lots of them, lots of times.

Then we put dynamat on the floor, and installed the new interior components. We restored the interior back to the original style, and the car looked great. And it smelled OK, too.





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