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This 1966 Chevelle is just wonderful. The client was given the car by his family, and they brought it to us for the best in restorization and customization. The client is a long-time car freak and this car was custom built in careful detail to suit him.

Our restoration of this Chevelle began with a good plan, like all of our jobs. We had many discussions over the phone and in person to get a very careful idea of exactly what the car needed to do. The customer fell in love with this model and color when he was a kid. His family had just moved up to a very nice neighborhood, and the neighbor had just purchased one new. That memory has been in his mind ever since. It was our task to reproduce the memory, the feel, the sound, and then upgrade it a ton to modern operational capabilities.

After getting a perfect nut-and-bolt plan together with the family, we went to work.

The chassis on this Chevelle is customized. We wanted to stay as true as possible to the original GM look and fit, but with that much power, big old tires, and the extra room required for the engine, we did some careful customizing. The rear is a 4 link from Chris Alston Chassisworks that we worked into the stock side rails.

The front of the chassis is a combination of Fat Man, Hotchkis, and our own fabrication. We wanted what the industry didn't offer: really big tires, good handling, and room for a 572 Crate engine.

The engine in this project is a GM Performance 572 CI, 620HP monster. We disassembled the top of the engine, polished the aluminum heads and intake, and painted the engine to show quality. Top quality show equipment, fittings, brackets, and headers finish off the engine install. We also custom painted the transmission to move from the orange of the engine to the black of the driveshaft.

Then there's the body! Perfect work was good enough here. We replaced rusted panels during our rebuild of this Chevelle's body. The restoration also included careful body panel correction and alignment, getting the car to above new car quality standards.

The interior is stock, remaining faithful to the original appearance. The gauge upgrades really make it!

So then there's the test drive! As part of every classic auto restoration or customization we perform, we go through a very careful quality assurance program. The last step is Doug's test drive. A couple of hundred miles later we deliver. We noticed the car was fast, had great road manners, went really fast, sounded great, went really fast, and everything worked and fit well.

Then we delivered to the client at the Goodguys Nationals show in Loveland, Colorado. Guy won a first place in Chevy Muscle. He was happy.

Check out the link to the January '09 Super Chevy magazine for a feature on this killer.





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