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Don't you just love excess? This customer's dad received this car when he was working for TRW on a GM program. A pretty mild car in its day, so why not just pull everything new and awesome off the shelf and stick it in this '76 Laguna. There is never a wrong place to put a Ram-Jet 502, as we've proven once again. 502 horse, 502 cube, EFI; Ferrari power for Chevy money. It can't possibly get better. We made a custom interior, and custom everything else, staying within what the car originally was all about. We reproduced what couldn't be bought, and painted the stripes exactly how the old vinyl stripes were laid out. The badges were reconditioned as well, just like when his dad had the car. Four wheel discs, all the right suspension upgrades and a happy customer cutting trenches in the asphalt.




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