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When the boss was expecting kid number three he thought it was time to upgrade to a modern SUV like everyone else. But nah, he had to go the hard/fun route. So he picked the perfect vehicle; fins, chrome, and seating for 8. The only body mod is a lowering of the roof; you could tell where the design department and the marketing department had had a falling out. A man needs to be able to wear a hat when he's driving, boy. There was a horrible bump up from the windshield's graceful curve to the top. Well, the body and paint are done, the 4.6L and automatic overdrive from a Town-Car are sitting in the frame, kid number three is 2 and a half, and the car will, uh, be done some day. Kid number one is heading off for college in a year, maybe then. A million hours and half a million dollars in parts to go!




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