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'49 Lincoln - We picked this car up from an estate near here and sold it to a man and his son who have now become good friends of ours. They decided that this car's good looks needed a little improvement. The baby Lincoln is based on the popular Mercury body, with a Lincoln front clip and trim. Take that gorgeous combination, chop it, shave it, nose it, deck it, some molding and frenching, and you've got a pretty rare and good looking sled. ...The chop is 3" in front and 5" in back. Art laid the rear glass down, rounded the door corners, lost the wind wings and did a very clean job of it all. The taillights are frenched '59 Cadillac. The lake pipes are molded into the front fenders and the quarters. We're shaving the handles and installing remote door latches and deck latch. The body moldings and emblems are being removed. The car will be painted black with very subtle lilac pearl flames?




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