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The customer asked us to help him sell guitars! He owns a music store in Wilson, North Carolina, and this is a vehicle he uses for mobile event marketing. We converted the front doors to operate as Lambo doors, darkened the light covers, shaved the trim, tinted the glass, installed really cool skirts and a custom hood, and laid out the killer graphics.

The colors are custom, we repainted the car completely, and spent way too much time making sure the tribal flame graphics were perfect. The paint scheme just kind of grew as the job went along, we sent photos to the customer and he made comments and it all worked out nicely. We also handled transporting the vehicle back to the customer when the job was done.

When designing a car that's used in event marketing we have to take many factors into consideration. The vehicle has to be awesome to look at! It's got to draw a crowd, the very purpose of the vehicle is exposing the customer's product or service. In this case it is a music business, so the vehicle had to be dependable, have good street credibility, and be truly unique. This guy has a terrific outfit, so his ride has to match.

Mobile marketing clients expect timely delivery of a top quality vehicle that is on budget. It's a business thing, you know! This guy also happens to be a car nut, but the vehicle was all about the business.

We do killer sound in lots of our customs, but the client had a good firm in mind for the sound, so he took care of it locally. We don't care, let's just make people happy!

And this client had a very good experience with us and I was able to pick up his '68 Chevelle convertible to bring back to the shop for restoration when I delivered the Magnum. We're now done with that car, too, and it turned out just as cool. You can see this red, awesome bad boy on the Muscle Car page.




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