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Doug Jenkins Garage just finished a long list of details on this 1960 Corvette. The customer has owned this since it was just a few years old, restored it himself in the late '70s, and had a partial restoration completed about 4 year ago. He brought it to Doug Jenkins to get a few details taken care of that got missed a few years ago, to correct some mistakes made then, and to restore a few things that were in need of attention.

One primary challenge was one of venting the engine. Engines produce crankcase pressure as an undesirable byproduct of combustion, and that pressure needs to be relieved. In the early days it was sufficient to simply make a big enough vent into the engine and out of it to allow the gases to vent into the atmosphere. In later years that system was modified from that passive venting method to a positive one, utilizing engine vacuum to remove the noxious gases and re-burn them. Good for the planet, and it made riding in a car a less stinky affair.

When the original Corvette engine was jettisoned in favor of a more modern, higher powered unit, the guys missed out on the ventilation theory. It came to Doug Jenkins with an incompatible combination of new and old, so you got stinky and oil leaks both! And to compound troubles, there were some inferior parts used to seal the engine, so those got replaced during the upgrade as well.

Then there were some dash issues to sort out, body repair and paint, seat belts, U-Joints, brake work, lots of mechanical perfection, really accurate steering improvement, and cooling. The radiator was replaced and the later year style expansion tank assembly added.




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