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Yep, that's right, we restored a '92 Cadillac. We did it for the original owner, she has lived in West Palm Beach since 1948, and she's just the greatest. She looked at the new Cadillacs, didn't like them, she loved her '92, and found us. So we gave her a very nearly perfect Cad!

I suppose the most challenging part of this job was the electronics. That period was not the finest for American cars, and the electrical challenges were serious on this one. But we have the experience and discipline, so we got everything restored, repaired, and updated just right.

The coolest part of this job, besides the perfect body and paint restoration, straightening the frame from a collision from years ago, and all of the other huge details that go into a Cadillac restoration, was the GPS! We added GPS and a rear view camera to this car, and they work great. We did careful research and found the equipment needed to integrate nicely into the existing space and appearance.

Delivery was a blast for me on this one. Rose is very kind, very smart, and very perceptive. She looked at the car and it looked good, and then she looked me in the eye and asked if the car was right. I said yes, she said thank you, and then we went for a nice drive where she showed me around West Palm Beach, showed me the church she has attended since the time my daddy was wearing short pants, and then we sat in her apartment and talked about her grandkids. Man, I love this job; making good people happy is just the best. All I have to do is restore cars to the highest quality, on time, on budget, and handle the pick up and delivery and everything goes just great.

So call me up, tell me about your old Cadillac, your really old Cadillac, or your kind of old Cadillac like Rose has, and we can discuss the best way to have you happy and driving me around your neighborhood!





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