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This classic '57 Chevy restoration was a real joy. The car is cool! Who doesn't love a '57. And the customer was cooler than his car, really. This guy is a retired rock and roll drummer. This job was fun for all of us. Check out his comments on the testimonial page.

This car was just the typical, normal, boring, every day, no surprises version of our thing. In and out, done on time, on budget, perfect work, happy customer. I love my job.

We disassembled the car, media blasted it to bare steel, did great body work, blocked it smooth, shot it, buffed it to perfection, put it back together, and delivered it back to our customer in New Orleans. And yes, this car got submerged during Katrina. You sure can't tell now, though!

We also put a killer stereo in the car, and restored the back of the car back to original, removing the Continental kit from the car. And there was a typical, small list of mechanical details to sort out for the guy as well. We adjusted the brakes, fixed the generator indicator light on the dash, repacked the front wheel bearings, rebuilt the carburetor, corrected some exhaust rattles, installed new carpet, new headliner, some interior trim, tune-up, repaired some electrical problems, and some front suspension items.




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