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This Cord L-29 came to me from a customer who is a serious collector. He wanted it restored to concourse condition. It came to the shop in OK shape, it wasn't banged up or damaged, it was just an old restoration that showed a lot of wear. The last restoration was about 30 years old, and paint technology especially has changed a great deal in that time.

The car was light blue when it came to me. There are many examples of this color scheme, and it's OK looking, but Cord allows custom colors without hurting the value, so the customer asked for a change. I think this orange and cream color works well. Frank Lloyd Wright had one custom ordered in a similar scheme that is very popular. Factory Cord color records were destroyed in a fire years ago, so there is leniency in the selection of colors.

The Cord was a very advanced car, the L-29 was early in the development. This car is a straight 8, front wheel drive, manual shift. Later in the development Cord went to V-8, supercharged, and electric/pneumatic pre-select shifting. They set speed records that lasted for many years.

This car underwent a frame-off restoration while in my care. After being received by the customer some problems became evident, but I handled the warranty in good order, transporting the car from the client and back myself. I don't like it when a warranty situation arises and inconveniences and disappoints the customer, but sometimes these things happen. The finished photos were taken at my new facility in the fall of 2009




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