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I kind of donít know where to list this car: itís got a GM Ram-Jet 350 cubic inch, 350 horsepower crate engine with four speed automatic overdrive transmission, power rack and pinion steering, modern rear axle and independent front suspension with power disc brakes, air conditioning and a good stereo. But a í40 Packard convertible is really a nice antique, too. So itís listed on both pages, Antique and Custom. I think this car is one of the most dramatic before/after photos weíve ever had. This customer had disassembled the car 18 years ago, stored it in the garage, the attic, the basement, and the back yard. Heís retired now, and wanted to drive this car to South Dakota to go hunting with his brother. So we got to work! The dash was completely unsalvageable, so we built a new one with modern gauges. We built a new convertible top, piecing a few of the old top bows together, and making the rest. The interior includes modern power leather seats, the original rear jump seats. What a blast!




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