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This '28 Ford was probably one of our most enjoyable projects of the year. Like many of our jobs, the customer ended up getting the car from his dad. And like a lot of our jobs, the vehicle was disassembled by another shop. So we gathered up pieces of this car from the customer's house, his mom's house, a body shop, and an upholstery shop. So we gather up what we can find, sort it out, re-do the work, and make the customer happy. This customer had done quite a bit of careful research and some parts locating on his own. The transmission was on a really cool stand he had made. The interior kit had been purchased many years ago, so we used what we could and replaced the rest. The customer was local, so he came in regularly to check out the progress and lend what knowledge he could to the work. As I said, all in all, this was one of the most enjoyable jobs of the year. And everything was done to original.




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