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Custom Paint Jobs are one of our specialties! Classic car restoration shows most in the paint! We paint all cars and trucks, Chevy, Ford, Mercury, Cadillac, Corvette, Chevelle, Camaro, Mustang, any car with a body needs paint! We restore the car completely, and take care of all the paint work ourselves, so you know youíll get a complete restoration job by one qualified shop. We have three paint booths, 5 painters, and we paint several cars each day. Our restoration paint work is cost-effective, top quality, and produced in a timely fashion.

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We use the best material in the industry for restoring classic, antique, and collector cars, Spies/Hecker brand urethane. We will use a base coat/clearcoat system, or a single-stage system, whichever the customer chooses. If the client is unfamiliar with the advantages of each, we are happy to explain. Spies/Hecker is DuPontís premium line; it has the best shine, depth, durability, and chemical resistance. They claim it is a no-wax product, and we believe them after using it since 1998.

But thatís not why we chose to use it in the first place! Our choice was based on its resistance to shrinkage. Simply put, if youíve ever looked at a show-quality paint job and could see extremely fine lines in the paint that appeared to be sanding scratches, that is shrinkage. Spiesí low VOC content allows it to maintain its thickness after drying, and does not shrink into the sanding scratches left in the primer. When we send a car out it looks good, and stays looking good for years to come.

The most important step in the auto restoration paint process is the first: etch primer and sealer. We cover all bare steel on the cars we paint with this rust-inhibiting coating system, before any body work begins. That way there is no fine film of rust from atmospheric moisture during the body work, there is no fingerprinting and storing of body oils in the raw steel, and any body filler that is used on a vehicle is not in direct contact with bare steel. This is a leading cause of auto restoration work failing, the use of filler on bare steel. Filler absorbs moisture, and when applied to bare steel the filler holds the moisture against the steel, causing the filler to bubble and the steel to rust.

This page shows some examples of paint work done right. Thatís what we like to do, and we hope we can do some for you. A í56 Ford Pickup, a í32 Ford Coupe, Model A, í68 Camaro, Ford Thunderbird, Porsche 911, and a Corvette painted like a flag! Can you tell we like a variety of cool, classic cars?




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