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Body repair work is one of our specialties! The biggest part of any antique car restoration project, classic car, hot rod, muscle car, import or any job is the body repair. Rust repair is a big challenge that we have been meeting every day for many years. We have a top quality staff, a frame rack, English wheel, and all the other equipment needed to restore the body on your Cadillac, Mercedes Benz, El Camino, Camaro, Chevelle, Corvette, Pickup Truck, Ford or Mercury. Look through our website at the top quality auto restoration and body repair work and give us a call.

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Auto body restoration work is where quality begins. The entire job looks good and goes together well if the body restoration is right. Every job we paint gets the same treatment; quality fabrication, quality fit, quality shape.

A critical and early step in our restoration work on your car will be to assess any possible frame damage. Many classic, antique, and collector cars that were damaged years ago were repaired with lesser quality than you might expect. A huge stack of shims on one side and a piece sawed out of the other may have been OK in the past, but we’ve found the best approach is to start with a good, straight frame. We put your classic vehicle on our frame rack and refer to original equipment manufacturer’s specifications to be sure your car looks great, the door shut right, the bumpers fit, the hood sits square, and the car handles perfectly.

Most classic cars are made of steel, so rust is the biggest, and most costly, challenge we deal with in most auto restorations. If your car was originally built with steel frame and body panels, we like to repair them with steel. The best way to repair rust is to replace the panel. It is typically most cost-effective to purchase any rust repair panels needed, but in cases where good quality new panels are not available, we like to find rust-free used panels. When the piece arrives at our shop we recondition it to give you the best repair possible for the price. Ultimately, though, we may need to fabricate hard to find panels, and it’s one of the most rewarding types of work we do. We have the equipment and skills to reproduce any panel on any vehicle.

We also have the ability to repair and fabricate aluminum and fiberglass body panels for classic cars. Many imports and domestically made classics and antiques employ aluminum or fiberglass coachwork to lighten the vehicle. Repairing and fabricating these body panels requires special skills and techniques, but again, it is very rewarding work.

Our sales staff is sensitive to the various needs your car has, and is prepared to discuss the cost/benefit of any type of body repair work you need done to your car. If you have a Toyota Land Cruiser, a Camaro, a ’56 Chevy, Cord, Lemans, Volkswagen, Corvette, or any other car that’s cool, let us know how we can help!!





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