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This '56 is one of the most carefully thought-out jobs we've done. The customer had a great plan, was realistic about the financial limits, and had modest mechanical demands. This truck has a stock 302, 3 speed auto, no fancy brakes or power options, and just enough chrome to keep you interested. The only thing exotic the customer wanted was the reverse-opening hood. The customer had originally planned to do all the work himself, and was well into the job. But then he won a no-limit brand custom frame at a big Ford pickup event, and realized he might use that as the opportunity to upgrade the whole project. So he brought what he had done, the parts he had accumulated, and the fancy frame, and set us to work. He brought us a three page wish list, we priced it, then both of us sat down and started paring away until it fit his budget. What he got is a head-turner that is without question one of the nicest cruisers we've ever built. Easy high speed driving, great handling, what else can you want.




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